BMI Technologies Inc. (BMI) was originally incorporated in 1988 as Battery Master Inc. The Company was founded by two inventors on the premise that the material handling industry, and particularly battery-operated electric forklifts, needed a better way of monitoring the state of charge of their batteries. A battery monitoring system called the Battery Master was developed. It was far superior to existing technologies and still is to this day.

In 1992, a major interest was acquired by the current management team and in 1994, two venture capital firms made a significant investment in the Company. Coincidental with the raising of these additional funds Battery Master Inc. changed its name to BMI Technologies Inc.

In 1995, in response to a growing need to control costs arising from unsafe forklift operation, BMI began development of an impact monitor known as GFORCE. It is best described as an accountability tool for both forklift operators and warehouse supervisors.

Initially GFORCE was a single purpose device to which many features have been added through the years. The GFORCE can be programmed for any desired level of impact threshold ranging from 0.1 to 10.0 G. Programming levels vary according to the environment in which the vehicle operates.

From the original GFORCE, there followed GFORCE 2 and GFORCE 3, each with special added data collection and reporting features to respond to the changing and more sophisticated needs of the materials handling industry.

BMI is pleased to be introducing the newest generation of the GFORCE product line - GFORCE PLUS RF - offering more cost-saving and safety-enhancing features with the convenience of speedy and accurate radio frequency communications!