G Force Plus RF

Your company has made a considerable investment in its fleet of lift trucks, and strives to maintain safe operation and timely maintenance of its assets.

GFORCE PLUS RF is the newest addition to the line of GFORCE products for powered industrial vehicles. Still designed to create a safer workplace and to reduce costs associated with unsafe vehicle operation, but now with more cost-saving features, greater end-user flexibility, and the convenience of RF communications.

RF: Radio Frequency or Really Fast?

The speed and convenience of radio frequency communication allows you more time to manage your operation. Data received via RF communications updates the software Fleet Status screen to display the important details you need.

Outfit your fleet with RF Vehicle Monitors and install at least one RF Transceiver (Host Transceiver) and you are on your way to a more hands-off approach to management while improving the efficiency and precision of your data collection. Add more RF Transceivers (Zone Transceiver) for greater facility coverage and efficiency.

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System Components


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Electronic Vehicle Inspection Checklist

The GFORCE PLUS RF system features a Vehicle Interface that allows for an electronic vehicle inspection checklist to be displayed.

To display the next item on the list, an Operator must press the Pass/Yes button to pass the item shown.

If an Operator fails an item by pressing the Fail/No button, the failure must be confirmed (VEH INSPECTION FAILURE? YES/NO). A failed vehicle inspection results in the Vehicle entering Maintenance Lockout mode. The Vehicle will then exhibit the programmed behavior for that mode (i.e. lift interrupt, etc).

Vehicle inspection checklists are created for Vehicle groups (i.e. reach truck, pallet jack, etc), and are built for each group by selecting from a list of 32 fixed items in the Fleet Manager software, followed by up to 8 more items that are fully customizable to display on the Vehicle Interface's 2 x 16 character LCD.

The resulting report for each vehicle inspection is easily retrieved from the Fleet Manager software.

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The GFORCE PLUS RF system collects and archives an array of Fleet usage data. The following reports can be generated using a variety of filters including date and Authorization Group:

  • Impact Report - by Employee, Vehicle, Supervisor or Shift
  • Login History Report - by Employee or Vehicle
  • Productivity Report - by Employee or Vehicle
  • Vehicle Maintenance Report - work orders by Technician or Vehicle
  • Vehicle Maintenance Summary - total maintenance costs per vehicle
  • Card Status Report - key card details
  • Fleet Summary Report - key vehicle details

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System Requirements

  • IBM PC or compatible, 1.4GHz or higher, 4 GB RAM, Windows 7/10 or Server 2008r2/2012r2/2016
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Free USB port
  • Monitor, mouse
  • Printer required for printed reports
  • 300 MB free space on hard drive


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Features & Benefits

Vehicle access control and vehicle utilization

  • Identify operators with "Operator" cards
  • Limit vehicle access by operational or departmental Authorization Groups
  • Deny vehicle access to operators with expired re-certification dates
  • Program cards with an expiry date
  • Monitor vehicle login and productivity time

Electronic vehicle inspection checklist

  • Comply with health and safety regulations and prevent use of unsafe vehicles
  • Keep paperless records and reduce filing and administrative time

Impact monitoring

  • Improve operating habits and workplace safety
  • Reduce accidents and damage costs
  • Reset vehicles in impact alarm with "Supervisor" cards or auto-reset impacts
  • Complete required accident reports on time

Battery monitoring for electric vehicles

  • Extend battery and motor life
  • Reduce charging and maintenance costs
  • Improve workflow

Maintenance lockout, PM scheduling and work order entry

  • Use "Lockout" and "Unlock" cards for manual maintenance lockouts
  • Prevent removal of vehicles from maintenance area
  • Set vehicles to automatic maintenance lockout when PM is past due (optional)
  • Track maintenance costs by matching to impacts

User-friendly Vehicle Interface

  • Reader for card validation
  • LCD to display clear and concise system messages
  • Pass/Fail/Cancel buttons for operator response to inspection checklist items
  • Piezoelectric buzzer to provide auditory cues
  • Battery Charge LED (green/amber/red) and Battery Fault LED (red)

GFORCE PLUS RF Fleet Manager software

  • Monitor RF-equipped fleet in near real-time
  • View comprehensive data screens and reports
  • Manage vehicle access restrictions and alarms
  • Customize vehicle inspection checklists
  • Set impact and battery thresholds, alarms and interrupt/warning relays
  • Battery voltage options: 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V